Game odds for various markets

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The Odds tab of the Game Details page has two sections:

  • Event Details
  • Best Odds

Event Details

The event details shares information including the date & time, broadcasting channel, location, and other pertinent info like starting pitchers for baseball. 



Best Odds

The Best Odds section is where you will find the listed betting market details for a specific event, more specifically the best odds in the market from the Sportsbooks available in your betting state.

You're also able to toggle the Best Odds for different betting markets. For example, in the screenshot below it displays the Best Odds for the Mets @ Tigers game. The default view is for the Full Game, but you're able to toggle the odds to display 1st Inning (1st Inn) & First 5 (F5) markets. The same goes for other leagues like the NBA, you can toggle from Full Game odds to 1H, 2H, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.
















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