Same Game Parlay+ and SGPx

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An SGP+ or SGPx just combines a same game parlay with another single bet, parlay or even another SGP. It’s really just one giant parlay, with at least one of the legs as an SGP.


Explaining a Same Game Parlay

First, a same-game parlay is when you combine multiple bets from one game. The odds increase as you add more options, making it harder to hit but more lucrative if it does. Bettors must hit every leg of a same-game parlay to earn the full payout. They won’t earn any money if five legs hit and one doesn’t.

Markets like the spreadmoneyline, and point total are the popular for an SGP, but player props are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the ecosystem. However, sportsbooks don’t allow you to put every prop into the same game parlay. Bettors can view their options when they select “SGP” for any game.


SGP+ and SGPx Explained

FanDuel was the first to launch the same game parlay, and they proudly boast the SGP+. DraftKings is behind the SGPx. Other sportsbooks offer similar products with similar names.

FanDuel (SGP+)

FanDuel is one of the premier sportsbooks for same-game parlays.

Users can click on a sporting event and scroll to the “same game parlay” tab. From there, they’ll see all the options that can be combined into a same game parlay.

From there, you simply create multiple parlays to build the SGP+, and FanDuel will build it into the bottom of the bet slip.

DraftKings (SGPx)

The SGPx is what DraftKings calls this feature. Bettors can access this feature by selecting a sporting event and clicking the “SGP” bar above the odds for said game.

The execution is slightly different at DraftKings. You need to enter each game, create an SGP, and then add it to your bet slip. Then you’ll go to another game, create an SGP, and add it to your bet slip.


Tips For Building SGP+ / SGPx

What are the best strategies for building an SGP+ or SGPx? Let’s check out a few tips that should help you win money.

Find Correlation 

There’s plenty of strategy behind building an SGP. You have to look at various factors beyond one player being on a hot streak.

If you have an NFL matchup where the point total is north of 50, it’ll likely be a high-scoring game. That’s an excellent opportunity to take the over on passing yards and receiving yards for the WR1.

Building off that, if there’s a strong pitcher’s duel, you may want to take the under on most hitting props while betting the over for strikeouts.

Bet On One Player To Have A Big Game

This can serve as an extension to our last SGP+ or SGPx tip, but backing one player to have a massive game could be key to hitting the SGP.

This tip could also go the other way if you think a player will struggle. Take the under on his props

Don't Be Afraid To Use Alternate Lines

DraftKings and FanDuel boast alternate lines that can be used for the spread, point total, and player props. These can be used on SGP+ and SGPx in two ways.

If you want to go on the safe side, you could combine multiple props with -300 odds to form an SGP with +100 odds. If you’re feeling really confident, you could take an alternate line or two with +200 odds. You could even combine the markets to give your SGP+ or SGPx value.

It’s literally an alternative way to approach your parlay.

For more information, check out our guide to same-game parlays. 

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