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To manage your Sportsbooks, go to your My Action tab then scroll down to the My Books section, which is shown under Utilities. From the Manage Books page, you’ll be able to add Sportsbooks by clicking the + icon next to the available Sportsbooks in the list.

my books

If you wish to edit the existing books on your My Books list, all you need to do is click the Edit button at the top right of the page. From here, you will be able to Reorder, Select Primary, or Remove Sportsbooks.

manage books     primary book

If you’re looking to remove a Sportsbook from your list, you will have to select Remove Sportsbooks from the Edit menu, then select the "trash" icon next to the Book you wish to remove.

delete book

Please note, that the available Sportsbooks within the Manage Books section are dependent on the Betting State selected on your Action Network profile. For example, if you have selected New York as your betting state the list will only display books available to you in New York, and selecting New Jersey will have the same effect

NY Books    NJ Books

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