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One feature of the odds page is the ability to see betting percentages from actual sportsbooks. We receive ticket counts, percentage of bets and percentage of dollars from the books, which are shown in the three columns on the 'Public Betting' tab.


public betting

In the example above, the Rays (+120) are receiving 38% of the bets and 58% of the money. The third column on the right side of the page 'DIFF' represents the difference between bets and dollars, which in this case is +20% (38%-58%). A higher money percentage indicates bigger bets being placed on that team, which is a good indicator of sharp activity. 


money percentages

The second example, DAL-GSW, shows the Mavericks getting 41% of dollars compared to 32% of bets, a +9% differential. We can also see that their line has moved from +7.5 to +6.5. This is an example of a reverse line move, which is when the line moves towards the team getting the minority of bets.


You can adjust the wager type and search for games by clicking the 'Odds Settings' button on the right side of the page.

odds settings

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