Spread to Moneyline Converter

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If you're wondering what the moneyline might be for a particular spread, the Spread to Moneyline Converter tool will help you do just that.

Our Betting Calculators are located on the top bar of the Action Network home page as well as on the right side, after scrolling down.



To use the tool, enter the spread, the odds on each side and choose the sport.

In the example below, we're looking at a typical seven-point spread in the NFL with standard -110 odds on each side. Per the converter, you can expect the favorite to have a moneyline around -319 and the underdog to have a moneyline around +249.


These numbers are not exact and will vary based on a few different things, including whether the Sportsbook leans sharp or square, how much liability the Book has on each side, the popularity of each team and so on. Larger money lines are often rounded to whole numbers, so for the example above, you might expect to see -320 and +250.

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