PRO System letter grade

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Every PRO System has a number of qualifications to take a look at: record, winning percentage and ROI to name a few. You'll also notice that there is a letter grade attached to each system, too.


The grade is a report card that tells you the strength of the system based on two major factors: 

  1. ROI Score (ZScore): A statistical measure that tells you how above or below average the results of your system would be given the sample size of your system.
  2. Overfitting Score (Too many selected items/filters): Overfitting occurs when the system describes random error or noise instead of the underlying relationship. This happens when a model is excessively complex, such as having too many parameters relative to the number of observations. A model which has been overfit will generally have poor predictive performance, as it can exaggerate minor fluctuations in the data.

Most PRO Systems will have an 'A' as a grade, but won't always be the case. 

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