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With the new PRO Report you can now view PRO Signals, opening and current lines for the spread, total, and moneyline, public betting percentages, and Best Odds, all in one section. The Best Odds feature allows you to quickly identify which sportsbook is offering the best available odds from the sportsbooks selected in your settings. (To manage the sportsbooks included in this section, please go to Settings > Manage Books)



Below, we have brief explanations for each of the PRO Signals:


Screen_Shot_2020-08-30_at_6.04.15_PM.png Sharp Action An indication that professionals have wagered on a specific side, causing the sportsbook to move the lines.



Screen_Shot_2020-08-30_at_6.04.47_PM.png Big Money - When there's a substantially higher percentage of money on a given side, compared to betting tickets. 



Screen_Shot_2020-08-30_at_6.04.29_PM.png PRO Systems - Profitable betting systems that are back-tested over a large sample size and curated by our experts



Screen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_11.04.48_AM.png Model Projections - When there's a notable difference between our projected line and the odds listed by sportsbooks 



Screen_Shot_2020-08-30_at_6.04.55_PM.png Experts - Our top experts, determined on a sport-by-sport basis by longer-term ROI generated from verified picks


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