Game Details overview

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The Game Details page gives you all the information you need to make the best bet. From matchup information, picks, trends, lineups, and PRO, the resources outlined below are here to help!

  • Odds: Best Odds available will be displayed based on your saved sportsbooks.
  • Picks: Expert and friends' picks will appear here and for which market they were made.
  • PRO: If you are subscribed to PRO, you will see the active Bet Signals, Bet and Money%, and Top Props based on the EDGE.
  • Props: Where you will be able to track your player prop bets.
  • Lineups: When posted, you will be able to see the game's starting lineups.
  • Trends: The recent schedule and situational results for both teams.
  • Stats: Team stats and rankings.
  • Weather: Predicted weather conditions for outdoor matchups.
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