How to track your bets

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When you select the green plus icon, it will populate the Track Bets page—this is where you can filter by League and the game previews will display with the Point Spread, Total Points, and Money Line betting markets. Also, at the bottom of the Track Bets page, you will be able to filter for Full Game, 1H, 2H, Quarters, and Player Prop betting markets.

To track bets through the app, click on the League tab and then the
Scores and Odds section. In order to filter by the league, simply click on the second tab from the left on the bottom navigation bar which will open up a menu with multiple leagues to choose from in addition to a Top Games option.

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Once you’ve selected the specific wager, the betslip will populate with the ability to edit your wager details. You can finalize your selection by clicking Track Bet on the betslip and your action will be saved to your My Action profile, where you'll be able to make any edits if needed.

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