Adding past bets

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To add an old bet navigate to the specific league you’re looking for—NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc. Once you’ve selected a specific league, click on the date to bring up a calendar to filter for previous events. 


After you’ve found the date of the event you wish to track, click into the event to open the game details. Within the game details, there will be a number of Betting Results to choose from. Please note, that the bet selections with the green check mark were the winning selections for that betting market. 

winning selections

Click on the bet selection you wish to track from the event—this will populate a Betslip that you will be able to fill out as normal.

old betslip

When you’ve finished editing your Betslip, click Track Bet. Once you track a bet from a previous event, it will appear on your record after a short delay.

old bet on my action

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