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The 'Game Odds' tab on the Action Network Odds Page allows users to easily view odds at their different sportsbooks and see where the best lines are available. Shopping for the best line allows bettors to build their bankroll over the long run by laying less juice, getting better plus-money payouts, and getting better lines on spreads and totals.


game odds

In the example above, there are four potential wagers to make: White Sox, Tigers, Astros, and Rangers.  If you wanted to bet on the White Sox, the best sportsbook to do so would be WynnBet. If you wanted to bet on the Astros, the best sportsbook would be DraftKings Sportsbook.


If the books shown are not the ones you are looking for, you can adjust them within your settings. Clicking the 'Odds Settings' button on the left side of the screen will open the markets dropdown to toggle between full game lines, first half, first quarter, etc., the ability to change your betting state, and a search bar for quickly finding matchups.

odds settings


To learn about the 'Compare Odds' feature in the app, click here.


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