Public Betting: Number Of Bets

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The Public Betting page will feature six columns for each matchup. The first five will show the opening and current odds as well as public betting information such as the percentage of bets and dollars on each side.

More information on public betting can be found here. The sixth and final column will display the ticket count for the featured game. Please note, that this displays the total ticket count for that game, and does not break it down between markets.


public betting totals


As ticket counts increase the public betting data will become more reliable due to the increase in sample size. Money percentages in games with low ticket counts can easily be swayed by a handful of large wagers, whereas a game with a high ticket count would be impacted less by a single large wager giving you a better understanding of where the public sides on a specific game.

We also have a number of PRO Systems based on highly bet games. More information on PRO Systems can be found here

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