Troubleshooting playback and streaming issues

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Several issues can be a factor in video playback errors and stream quality. If you’re having problems, we recommend first reviewing and verifying the following:

  • Streaming device is supported: Verify the device is supported and updated to the latest supported version of its OS or platform.

  • Internet connection is stable: If your connection is slow or unstable, try turning your modem and router off and on again. Also, please note that the following conditions can affect streaming quality, even if you have a strong connection: 
    • The distance between a streaming device and a Wi-Fi router
    • The number of devices connected to your network
    • Outage or network issue with your internet provider

If your device is supported and your connection meets our internet speed recommendations, try running through the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem (try playing the video again after each step): 

If you attempted each of these steps and are still having trouble, please contact Action Network support for assistance.

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