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The Betting Odds Calculator helps you find out how much money you will win if you bet a certain amount of money at any given odds. You can find the Betting Calculators on the top bar of the home page or if you scroll down and check the right side of the home page.


There are several spots you can enter odds using whatever format you are comfortable with - American, Decimal, Fractional or Implied. Implied Odds are not something you'd find at a sportsbook, but rather the chance a wager has to win. For example, a +100 bet has a 50.00 (or 50%) chance to win. 


In the example above, a bettor is risking $500 on a bet with -150 (or 1.667, or 2/3) odds. This would win $333.50, which would yield a $833.50 total payout. 

You can also switch over to parlays rather than a single bet by clicking the drop-down menu under 'Bet Type'. 


In the example above, the bettor is risking $100 on a 2-leg parlay. Simply add the odds for each leg and click 'Add Bet'. Each of the two legs in this parlay are standard -110 juice. Per the calculator, this parlay would typically win $264.43, which would pay out $364.43 in total.


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