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The Odds Value Calculator, or EV (Expected Value) Calculator, helps users find the expected value for bets based on the given odds and implied probability that the bet will hit.

Our Betting Calculators are located on the top bar of the Action Network home page as well as on the right side, after scrolling down.


The picture above is an example of a particular wager that many people are likely familiar with — the Super Bowl coin toss. Many sportsbooks post this prop with -105 odds on each side, though the likelihood of each side winning is exactly 50%.

Simply fill in the odds, win probability of 50 and the amount you are wagering. Once you enter all three fields, the Expected Value of the bet will be calculated.

If you made this bet one time, you'd either win or lose $100. However, if you made this bet 1,000 times, you'd essentially be expected to lose an average of $2.38 each time you bet it.


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