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The Parlay Calculator helps determine how much money you'd win if you risked a certain amount of money on a parlay. In the tool, you can enter your bet amount and the odds for each leg.

Our Betting Calculators are located on the top bar of the Action Network home page as well as on the right side, after scrolling down.


In the example above, the bettor is risking $100 on a 2-leg parlay. Simply add the odds for each leg and click Add Bet. Each of the two legs in this parlay are standard -110 juice. Per the calculator, this parlay would typically win $264.43, which would pay out $364.43 in total.

Additionally, our Parlay vs. True Odds table, shown below, will project whether you are getting better or worse odds than you should be from Sportsbooks on specific parlays.


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