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If you're ever looking to guarantee yourself a profit by hedging out of a bet, the Hedge Calculator will help you optimize the process.

Our Betting Calculators are located on the top bar of the Action Network home page as well as on the right side, after scrolling down.

To use the tool, enter in the odds of your existing bet, as well as how much you originally wagered. In the example below, pretend that you put $10 on the Knicks to win the NBA Championship at +5000.


You would collect $510 (your original $10 risked plus $500 in winnings) if they won. However, let's say they are facing the Warriors in the NBA Finals and you're afraid they'll lose, rendering your longshot bet useless.

All you have to do is enter in the other team's odds in the Hedge Odds box and the amount you should hedge will be calculated. Do not enter anything in the Hedge Amount box.


In this case, if the Warriors were +100 in Game 7, a $255 bet on them would essentially split the difference. 

  • Return if Knicks win: $10 original bet + $500 original winnings - $255 hedge risk = $245
  • Return if Warriors win: $255 hedge winnings -$10 original bet = $245


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